Last week (the week after Christmas),we had some friends that we are pen-pals with, come in town. They have seven kids all around our ages and we are always glad to get to see them. We only see them about once or twice a year since they live five hours away-and are busy with their farm. So, we had a slumber party with them and another family of six on Monday night. It was a lot of fun in a crowded sort of way! We had twenty-three people in the house-just like the fun week before when my Mom’s family came in for Christmas.

They left Tuesday afternoon and we were sad to see them go. It always goes so fast when we’re with them! We were tired, though (due to staying up late), so we rested the remainder of the day. Bradley, though, got sick that night; and every night for four nights after that. He only got sick at night though, which was really weird. He’s doing much better now, but for a few days if you asked him how he was feeling, he would reply,”Kinda good and kinda bad”. That made us all laugh. How can you feel good and bad at the same time? He is joking and teasing again, so I guess he’s well.