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I Am Thankful

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

It’s extremely beneficial,
To have a thankful heart.
Thankfulness always brings a smile,
So try to do your part!

I am thankful for my hobbies;
Things I do out of school.
I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee
Playing this is so cool!

Hiking is what I love to do,
But in the spring or fall.
Summer gets so very hot— whew!
I do a cannon ball!

Regardless of all the seasons,
I can read, blog, or write.
Singing with my sisters is fun—
Even up ‘til midnight!

Emailing friends who don’t live near
Is always fun for me.
Making stuff on Moviemaker
Always produces such glee!

Pink is my favorite color,
And I love eating fruit!
For me writing is not a chore—
It’s what I like to do.

These are all great boredom busters,
But how can they compare?
To family, friends, and neighbors,
Who lovingly are there.

Family time at home is special,
We read God’s Word and pray.
Life here is one big musical,
Songs are heard every day.

I am grateful for my parents,
Who taught me of God’s love.
They gave me siblings—great presents! —
And home school everyone.

I like playing with my cousins,
Birthdays with them are great!
You can’t hear much above the din;
Can you sort of relate?

I am thankful for December,
The month of my birthday!
Ultimately, we remember
The price God had to pay.

Though I’m thankful for all these things,
Jesus is my true prize!
These would mean completely nothing,
If He had not have died.

On the third day He rose again,
As the One, True Savior!
Through Him, my sins are forgiven;
I’m His forevermore!


Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

This weekend, my mom is having her 2oth high school reunion. She went to two high schools—her family moved a lot—so, this is actually my mom’s second H.S. reunion. The other one was here in town earlier this summer. Anyway, everyone is really excited about going because we get to stay at our grandparents’ house!!! My mom’s twin sister and her family will be there as well. We always have a great time together.

So, today and tomorrow will be pretty hectic around here. That’s the way it always is at our house before a trip! My dad has to work until 7:30 P.M., so we have to be packed and ready when he arrives. Even so, we probably won’t get to my grandparents’ house until one or two in the morning. Grace and Faith have packed a lot of movies to watch on the way up there!

My Uncle B. (my mom’s twin sister’s husband) is turning FORTY on Friday! We plan to go to a football game that night and I’m sure someone will think of some way to embarrass him. It probably won’t be my dad, though, because he’s turning forty in March! It will most likely be my aunt and her kids.

We heard that a cold front is coming in on Friday, as well. Now, we have to re-pack a bit! I was originally going to bring flip-flops and capris. Oh well, I guess I am looking forward to cooler weather… just not too cold!


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